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NETBET top bonus casino Online is a well established brand in the Online gaming world. It is available in over 6 languages.
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PROMOS top bonus casino Online
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888poker 6.0 – Reinventing Itself Again

The latest version of 888poker is not just your average software upgrade. This new version from was revamped from scratch based on feedback from members and is definitely something to talk about. All of these upgrades lead to better performance and overall usability, making 888poker even more enjoyable than it already is.
There are a number of new features in the latest version that stand out. From the development of a lobby solely for beginners to a complete makeover of the tournament lobby, surprises are around every corner.
And… there's also one of the simplest Welcome Bonuses around too! To start enjoying the 100% Welcome Bonus up to $400, simply deposit, hit the tables and start earning Bonus Points (BPs). Every time you accumulate 100 BPs you'll receive a $10 portion of your bonus straight into your 888poker bankroll… simple!

Beginners Lobby

The new version of 888poker has a unique lobby just for beginners. As we all know, if you are new to the poker game, the first time opening a poker client can be a bit overwhelming with an array of choices and settings.
Having a lobby that guides beginners to the right tables and preferences for them takes the guessing out of the game. The lobby displays only six tables, making it easier for the beginner player to make a selection. Of course, there is always the option to view more tables by clicking on the "More Tables" button at the bottom of the screen..

Tournament Lobby

Another great addition to 888poker in this new version is that has given its tournament lobby a complete makeover. The new version offers a full player's dashboard that’s updated in running mode, giving players an up-to-date idea of who’s in the game and who’s not. The “Find Me” feature is great – it finds your username in the player list and highlights your table and position. The tournament lobby also lists upcoming satellites to the tournament and lets the player click them open to register without having to search for them individually, making it easy to plan your next poker challenge.

Simple Navigation and Customisation

888poker’s new version is very intuitive and makes navigating as simple as 1,2,3. For example, players can now register and unregister directly from the lobby. A new "Favourites" lobby and a simplified "My Account" also lend to the fully customizable experience, making the game all about the player.
Players can label opponents as various animal icons in order to easily recognize what type of player they are facing. So the next time you sit across a familiar opponent, you'll know right away if you thought he was a shark or a chicken at the last game. The table view can be customized from funky and fun to simple and to the-point, whatever tickles your fancy. Other new additions include a renewed player’s note screen, rich personal image gallery and a mouse-over feature that reveals a tooltip with opponent information.

New Community and Online Store

888poker is one of the only clients out there with a community site that has just about everything you need to live and breathe the incredible game of poker. Meet and chat with players off the tables, talk strategy and get tips from 888poker's top winners in the forums. View and share pics and videos with the community and read professional poker blogs from the 888 celebrity ambassadors. The community site is actually run by 888poker so members can talk directly to the 888staff Poker isn’t just about the game, as we all know, it’s a lifestyle and the 888poker community recognises this.
In addition to the new community, 888poker also has a brand new Online store where you can find an endless selection of poker merchandise. So finally you can put those Reward Points to good use! The latest version from 888poker is simply a step above the rest. The new revamped features really make poker playing even more easy and enjoyable than before. With the savvy look and incredible ability to customise, 888poker has really managed to re-invent itself this time. It's definitely worth a visit. 'Play different' as they say and judge for yourself.
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